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By Daniel Chioco We’ve all seen the videos by now: The Harlem Shake has taken YouTube by storm! The humorous dance videos all follow the same formula where a single person begins dancing before being joined by others. While this cultural phenomenon may seem completely unrelated to marketing, content creators […]

7 Content Marketing Lessons From The Harlem Shake

When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in September offered employees the smartphone of their choice, BlackBerry wasn’t among the options. Now, Yahoo is dissing the struggling smartphone maker again, phasing out its app for BlackBerry devices as of April 1. …read more Source: mediapost.com  

Yahoo Phases Out Its BlackBerry App

Google and other tech companies are slamming a proposed Georgia law that would restrict municipalities from building their own broadband networks. The Georgia measure, reportedly backed by incumbent Internet service provider Windstream, prohibits cities from building their own networks in any areas that aren’t “unserved.” …read more Source: mediapost.com  

Tech Companies Lobby Against Georgia Broadband Bill

By Val-Pierre Genton When Gordon Gekko utters these words to Bud Fox in the sales biopic “Wall Street”, it is 1985. If you watched the movie, you will remember that cell phone disguised as two bundled bricks with its leather briefcase accessory to hold the battery. What Gekko wants is […]

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